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Post by: Aaren A mann Posted On : 21st April 2019
there appears to be a problem each time i try to sign up my card to various site that i need it for can the problem be fixed please?
Post by: Solly Posted On : 18th April 2019
 There appears to be a significant error or problem with both the app and the website as transfers cannot be made between accounts. Can you kindly investigate and resolve this issue please
Post by: Ron isidore Posted On : 17th April 2019
 My online banking account has errors
Post by: Albert Posted On : 15th April 2019
 Whats the letter head for the bank? Need to wright a letter to the bank.
Post by: Ernella Hercules Posted On : 05th April 2019
I have a savings account at Bosl and would like to apply for online banking. How does one apply for online banking?
  Replied by: Admin

The Complete Online Banking application form can be downloaded by clicking here. Please complete and return the form to any branch of Bank of Saint Lucia.  If you reside overseas kindly scan the forms along with a copy of your ID and email the completed form to Please note that before being emailed, the documents must be notarized and signed where required.  

Post by: Isaiah Posted On : 03rd April 2019
 I am Australian. Can I open a stock brokerage account or checking?
  Replied by: Admin

Bank of Saint Lucia does not offer this type of account (Stock Brokerage Accounts).  In order to open a Chequing Account one must establish a relationship with us for a minimum of six (6) months

Post by: Leandra modeste Posted On : 02nd April 2019
 How do I sign in. Also how do I find out my card number
  Replied by: Admin

Requests to reset your password should be addressed to  A temporary password will be sent to your email address at our soonest.

The Debit Card number is the twelve (12) digit number to the front of the debit card which begins with  4222 XXXX XXXX XXXX.

Post by: Alina Posted On : 30th March 2019
 What are the requirements needed to have a savings account turned into a joint account?
  Replied by: Admin

Please see requirements below:

National-Existing Customer,

  1. Certified copies of 1 forms of valid government issued ID (passport, driver’s license, national ID
  2. Utility bill- If address has changed.
  3. Tax Identification Number (TIN)- where applicable

National-New Customer,

  1. Certified copies of 2 forms of valid government issued ID (passport, driver’s license, national ID
  2. Original Proof residential address (utility bill, bank statement, national ID with address
  3. Letter from employer
  4. Tax Identification Number (TIN)-Where applicable

Non National

  1. Certified copies of 2 forms of valid government issued ID (passport, driver’s license, national ID)
  2. Original Proof of residential address (utility bill, bank statement, national ID with address)
  3. Original Reference letter from banker, lawyer or Accountant(The relationship should be in existence for at least 2 years and letter should be issued on the company’s letter head)
  4. Proof of employment (where applicable, if customer is/ has been employed by a local company)
  5. Tax Identification Number (TIN) –where applicable
Post by: leviah noami wilfred Posted On : 25th March 2019
 good day is it possible to provide me with the account number to the achiever plus account i recently please.
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons we are not able to provide account information via this medium.  A representative will contact you at the earliest.

Post by: Nicholai Edward Posted On : 22nd March 2019
 I wok would like to sign up for mobile banking
  Replied by: Admin

To find out how to sign up for Bank of Saint Lucia Mobile Banking please click here.