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Post by: Nathan medrick Posted On : 05th December 2019
 I got a mail from one of my orders which was cancelled and I have been refunded from sunday.It worries me why my refund isn't there.refund:$26.83us-$72.18ec.
Post by: Vicky Posted On : 03rd December 2019
 Why is it that i cant access my banking online it keeps tellin me that my pin or id is wrong when I've been using that same pin and id before
Post by: S Haynes Posted On : 02nd December 2019
 Could you please give me the swift code for BOSL in Castries- Bridge st branch. Thank you
  Replied by: Admin

BOSL's swift code is BOSLLCLC.

Post by: Danlin Samuel Posted On : 30th November 2019
 What are the requirements for opening a joint business account / chequeing and what else comes with it by opening this account check book , credit card
  Replied by: Admin

Please see the account opening requirements for a registered business below:

  1. Certificate of Registration of Business Name
  2. Certificate of change of name (where applicable)
  3. Filed Statutory Declaration
  4. Filed Statement of Particulars (Application for registration by a firm)
  5. Additional requirements for the registered owners, signatories, and individuals with power of attorney for registered owners and signatories:
    1. Certified copy of 2 valid (unexpired) government issued picture identification document:
      1. Passport
      2. National identification
      3. Driver’s license
    2. Confirmation of residential address document by way of:
      1. Original utility bill in the client’s name
      2. Banker’s reference stating the customer’s permanent residential address (The relationship must be in existence for at least 2 years)
      3. Tenancy agreement in the client’s name
  6. Tax Identification Number (TIN) (where applicable
Post by: soria charles Posted On : 28th November 2019
 good morning, i would like to apply for online banking but i resides in another country, how am i suppose to do that.
  Replied by: Admin

Please click on the link to download the Complete Online Banking application form. Complete and return the form to any branch of Bank of Saint Lucia.  If you reside overseas kindly scan the forms along with a copy of your ID and email the completed form to Please note that before being emailed, the documents must be notarized and signed where required.  

Post by: Malina Louis Posted On : 27th November 2019
 Who should I request an exemption from to make an online payment to cyrus (unicaf university)
  Replied by: Admin

Please forward your request from the e-mail address we have on file or you may forward your instructions via secure e-mail message through Online Banking.  The Secure message forum is located on the Account Listing screen towards the top right hand corner, and can be used by following the instructions below:

  • Click on the Secure message link
  • Select the Tab marked New
  • Populate the fields accordingly
  • Select the submit button
Post by: c.peters Posted On : 21st November 2019
 what is the most that can be withdrawn from the ATM in a day? id there a limit?
  Replied by: Admin

The daily limit for the ATM is EC$2,700.00.

Post by: Brianna Posted On : 15th November 2019
 Can I withdraw money from an atm in guyana?
  Replied by: Admin

Bank of Saint Lucia's Visa International Debit card allows you access to your Bank of Saint Lucia savings or chequing account from over 730 000 ATM’s worldwide.

Post by: Sal Nacis Posted On : 13th November 2019
what are the current interest rates for a savings account?
  Replied by: Admin

The interest rate on our Savings Accounts is 2% per annum and is paid quarterly.

Post by: Mckarey Posted On : 13th November 2019
 Good day, do the bank accept torn US currency?
  Replied by: Admin

Please be advised that each case is unique, you would require to visit a Branch to ascertain whether the note would be accepted.