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Post by: Shayanni Thomas Posted On : 19th September 2020
 Good day, I have been trying to log in to my online banking account but to no success. I entered the same password that i just renewed about a month ago but it is not working. Then i tried to reset the password but it is showing error. Please fix this problem or contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
Post by: Dwaine George Posted On : 16th September 2020
Dear sir/madam I have a question do you change foreign cheques like Chase bank ?
  Replied by: Admin

Yes, however the foreign cheque must be deposited to your account and takes 4 to 6 weeks for the funds to clear.

Post by: Ervin Mangroo Posted On : 16th September 2020
 What is the routing number?
  Replied by: Admin

The Routing number for BOSL is 000000369 however this is only used for EC transactions Regionally and Locally and may not work with PayPal as you do not have a US account.

Post by: sherlan Posted On : 16th September 2020
 I have been on hold for over 30 mins. trying to get assistance regarding my account !!
  Replied by: Admin

We are experiencing a high volume of calls and messages as a result of the adjusted banking hours. You may experience some delay in reaching our representatives by phone and email.  

Post by: Rebecca Posted On : 16th September 2020
 How much does $1000.00 Sterling come to in EC?
  Replied by: Admin

Please click on the link for our daily exchange rates.

Post by: Stephanie Fevrier Posted On : 15th September 2020
 I need my account number. I have looked on the website and don't know how to get my account number. Please help
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons we are not able to provide account information via this medium. A representative will contact you at the soonest.

Post by: Melishton Phillippe Posted On : 13th September 2020
 Hey guys I'm a Saint-Lucian National living abroad. I currently have an account with you guys and I'll like to wire transfer funds into that account from my overseas account.How do I go about getting the the necessary information, like the swift code, routing number etc in order to make this happen? Thanks for your assistance in advance!
  Replied by: Admin

A representative will contact you at the soonest.

Post by: Merkella Posted On : 13th September 2020
 I am having issues ordering things on my debit card
  Replied by: Admin

A representative will contact you at the soonest.

Post by: Lucia Posted On : 13th September 2020
 What happens if a student loan is taken and the student dies before the loan is repaid
  Replied by: Admin

One of the requirements or item of security to obtain a student loan is “Life Insurance”.  If the student passes away before the loan is paid off, the Life Insurance Policy which is assigned will cover the outstanding balance of the loan, providing that all premiums are up-to-date.

Post by: C Stan Posted On : 13th September 2020
 I currently have an edu start account with BOSL that has just matured .I now wish to credit the money to an account in my name ,does the contributor have to give me permission to do this ?...cause technically the money is mine
  Replied by: Admin

Requests to close off an EDU-Start must be done in writing or via the secure message option of your online banking. The closure instructions must indicate which account is to be credited and must come from the contributor.