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Post by: Antilla Charles Posted On : 23rd November 2017
 I have a confirmed cancelled transaction from eBay on Tuesday, when do the funds ģet back yo show on my account
Post by: jon son Posted On : 23rd November 2017
 I am a resident in the continent of Asia And my nationality Republic of Nepal ,I want to open a personal bank account I want to know the fee
Post by: Desmona Casimir Posted On : 22nd November 2017
Post by: selena Posted On : 21st November 2017
 What is the monthly personal account fee
  Replied by: Admin

The monthly service charge on personal accounts is two dollars (EC$2.00).

Post by: Jade Posted On : 20th November 2017
 How much is the house and land at savannes bay
  Replied by: Admin

For information on properties available for sale please click here

Post by: Aloysius francis Posted On : 17th November 2017
Why is it that i can't purchase my product online when i hv enough money to do so i hv replied to ur emails and said yes i approved tge purchase and yet still i can't do so why is that?
  Replied by: Admin

There may have been a delay with the action to update your account.   Please try again and call our customer support centre at 456-6999 should the problem persist.

Post by: Gloria smith Posted On : 16th November 2017
 I need some information please I have a loan with your bank I only have 3 months left to pay off I was wondering if I can clear it off from my savings if I can let me know and do I need an appointment to do so thank you
  Replied by: Admin

Account information cannot be provided via this medium.  Please arrange to visit any one of our branches or instructions may be provided via the Secure Message tab on your Online Banking account.

Post by: ran Posted On : 13th November 2017
 I want to open a bank account Personal I want to know the Prices and fees
  Replied by: Admin

The following items below are required for opening a personal account:-

  1. Certified copies of 2 forms of valid government issued ID (passport, driver’s license, national ID)
  2. Original Proof of residential address (utility bill, bank statement, national ID with address)
  3. Original Reference letter from banker, lawyer or accountant
  4. Proof of employment (where applicable, if customer is/ has been employed by a local company)

The minimum amount required to set up the Savings Account with Bank of Saint Lucia is $50.00.  There are fees associated with the account set up process – that of stamp duty which is $10.00.

Post by: zavier Posted On : 10th November 2017
 want to know what is the requirements needed for a loan of $10000 as a worker who makes 1200 monthly
  Replied by: Admin

The basic requirements for a loan would be as follows:

  • Applicant must be 18 years or older and working for at least one year
  • Valid form of picture ID
  • Recent salary slip
  • Proof of purpose (for instance an invoice/open bill depending on the purpose of the loan)

The other terms of the loan may vary.  Please call 456 6000 or 456 6999 to schedule an appointment.

Post by: MRS. Nickidia Mathurin-Baptiste Posted On : 10th November 2017
 I had my moneys/salary sent 2 my acc. As of 6:47pm it shows that i have no moneys on my acc. So i need to know as to what happened to my moneys. Thank you
  Replied by: Admin

Please be advised that the salary processing time frame is 24 to 48 hours of the time of receipt.  Employers are made aware of this procedure and are encouraged to make all necessary arrangements to ensure that salaries are received at an appropriate time to ensure the seamless processing.