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Post by: San Posted On : 24th April 2018
 Hi I would like to open a savings account nd would like to know what documents I would need as I am a residence of the u it’s kingdom however I’m a st lucian . Thanks
Post by: Edma Thomas Posted On : 22nd April 2018
 I forgot my online banking password
  Replied by: Admin

Requests to reset your password should be addressed to  A temporary password will be sent to your email address at our soonest.

Post by: Nigella Forde Posted On : 21st April 2018
 i would like to take a loan but i have a minor account because i am still 17 but i am working i have a permanent job and i am renting and stuff.Would i be able to take a loan or I have to be 18 or have the account for a long time
  Replied by: Admin

You must be 18 years and older in order to apply for a loan with Bank of Saint Lucia

Post by: Ezra Jn. Baptiste Posted On : 17th April 2018
 Good day I woud like to obtain the Bank's BIC and IBAN in order to facilitate transfer of funds. Thank you. Ezra Jn. Baptiste
  Replied by: Admin

Bank of Saint Lucia does not carry an IBAN and the Swift Code is BOSLLCLC.  When wiring funds to your Bank of Saint Lucia account please click here to obtain details based on the type of currency that is being sent.

Post by: Rachel Posted On : 13th April 2018
hello, I'll be visiting st lucia next week. wondering if I can bring cash and do foreign exchange for xcd at your bank? is there any extra fees?thanks.
  Replied by: Admin

Please click here to view the currencies which we negotiate. Note that there are fees associated with Foreign Exchange when transacting at our Bureau De Change. Please see fees below:

  • EC$5.00 for amounts under EC$500.00
  • 1% of the amount for transactions in excess of EC$500.00
Post by: Carlos Claude Henry Posted On : 12th April 2018
 Good afrenoon to whom it may concern i would like to open an account with bosl, would like to know how much i need to ooen new account
  Replied by: Admin

The minimum opening balance for a regular savings account is $50.00.  Also required are two forms of valid picture ID and a copy of a utility bill for proof of address.

Post by: Coletta F Elien Posted On : 11th April 2018
I recently placed an order online and while the preauthorization was taken off my card, the site stated that they were still waiting for payment. I had the order cancelled today. When would the funds be returned to my account.
  Replied by: Admin

Consideration to release cancelled or memo pre-authorized transactions before the thirty day period will require documentation from the Merchant indicating non-acceptance or non-processing of transaction at which point the charge will be automatically deleted.  The documentation may be scanned and emailed to,be sure to include your full name and contact number.

Post by: Ligorius Marquis Posted On : 07th April 2018
 Did not receive all the cash requested from the ATM yet it is recorded on the receipt how do I get that rectified.
  Replied by: Admin

Please be advised that a representative will contact you directly to resolve this issue.

Post by: Allana Posted On : 05th April 2018
 Can I change my online banking password over the phone?
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons we are not able to provide your password information via telephone. Your password has to be reset by our Online Support Team. Please send a password reset request to from the email address that we have on file for you. Your email must include your full name. Once your request is received, your password will be reset and a response sent to you via email.

Post by: Lisette Posted On : 04th April 2018
 What is the bank fee to receive a wire transfer State:Indiana City:Indianapolis Country:United States
  Replied by: Admin

The processing fee for an incoming wire transfer is EC$30.00.