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Please note that all questions and responses will be posted in the blog below.  Do not give account or personal information in this forum.  If you are an online banking customer and you have a question related to your account please use the secure message feature when you log on to complete online banking.  If you have forgotten your complete online banking password, please email a request for a new password/password reset to


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Post by: Petra mariate Wallace Posted On : 01st November 2018
 I am out of saint Lucia and I am block out of my online banking I need to get in for information on my account please can you help me
  Replied by: Admin

Requests to reset your password should be addressed to  A temporary password will be sent to your email address at our soonest.

Post by: Cathelina Alphonse Posted On : 30th October 2018
 Hello, please help me understand what memo pre-authorization mean. Some $34.was taken from my account and I don't know why. Please clarify. Thanks
  Replied by: Admin

A memo preauthorization can appear on your account for various reasons:

  1. You may have done a transaction with your card but the funds have not been claimed by the merchant and will be held until such time
  2. You may have done a transaction with your card which was either cancelled.  The funds will be held on your account for up to 30 days and if no action is taken within 30 days the funds are released.  Otherwise if you provide proof that the the transaction was cancelled or duplicated by the merchant the transaction can be released within 2 days. 

In the event you are not aware of the transaction please submit a secure message query via your online banking account for details of the transaction.

Post by: Ruth ulanda henry Posted On : 30th October 2018
 I would like to know my account number please....i am home with the flu and would really love your assistance please
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons we are not able to provide account information via this medium.  Please call our Customer Support Centre at 456-6999 or 1 (305) 501 2931 and after a few security questions have been correctly answered, you will be provided with the information over the telephone.

Post by: Sharonrose Charles Posted On : 29th October 2018
 Can I make payments to unicomer through my online banking. If so how do I get it done
  Replied by: Admin

Due to the nature of your enquiry, please forward your request via the secure e-mail message feature of Online Banking.  Please provide the utility company name, utility account number and the name under which the utility is held. The feature is located on the Account Listing screen towards the top right hand corner (in line with the exit button), and can be used by following the instructions below:

  • Click on the Secure message link
  • Select the Tab marked New
  • Populate the fields accordingly
  • Select the submit button
Post by: Zavier maximin Posted On : 27th October 2018
 I find that the customer service representatives is very poor and the move to slow. I had to wait 1hr 45 mins just to collect a atm card .
  Replied by: Admin

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We recognize the inconvenience caused by long wait times, and remain committed to working to improve on your customer service experience. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve your experience with us.

Post by: Adela joseph Posted On : 25th October 2018
 How can I access my account on line
  Replied by: Admin

To access your account online you would first need to apply for an online banking account.  Please visit your nearest BOSL branch or download the application form from our website by clicking here.  The completed form can be returned to any BOSL Branch with a valid form of Government issued picture ID.  Overseas subscribers, please note that documents requiring your signature must be notarized by a Notary Royal, Solicitor or by your Bankers.  The notarized form and ID can be scanned and emailed to or faxed to 1-758-456-6222.  You will be contacted upon receipt and review of the form.

Post by: Amanda Thomas Posted On : 24th October 2018
 How do i start
  Replied by: Admin

Thank you for your interest!  Please click here for our account opening requirements.

Post by: Lizer joseph Posted On : 20th October 2018
 my debit card expired .do i have to pay to.renew.and i have not used my account for a while because of being jobless .do i have to pay to activate
  Replied by: Admin

Please contact our Customer Support Centre at telephone number 456-6999/1 (305) 501 2931.  One of our Customer Support agents is standing by waiting to assist.

Post by: Janice Lionel Posted On : 17th October 2018
 I am unable to access my online banking. I have reset my password but still unable to access my accounts. I called Mega branch and was told that I would have to come in to reset it but the customer service rep was not available at the time to attend to me. Please assist
  Replied by: Admin

Requests to reset your password should be addressed to  A temporary password will be sent to your email address at our soonest.

Post by: Brandon Posted On : 12th October 2018
 How many coins per bag ie 5c, 10c, 25c, $1
  Replied by: Admin

The break down of coins for deposit is as follows:

  • $0.05 - $5.00 per bag  (100 pieces)
  • $0.10 - $10.00 per bag (100 pieces)
  • $0.25 - $25.00 per bag (100 pieces)
  • $1.00 - $100.00 per bag (100 pieces)