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Post by: Samuel legair Posted On : 06th September 2018
 Hi good afternoon I am contacting you all as I am looking the perfect bank in St.Lucia to facilitate my business. I am looking to starting a boat chartering business and would be looking to secure a small business loan for the sole purpose of accquiring my boat as well as operational equipment and cost. I am seeking advise is that regards. Currently I am in the process of comprising my business plan and once completed I will submit a request for my trade/ business license. Kindly provide a scale on which business loan is accquired at your bank. The interest rates, the down payment and terms. Thanks you in advance looking forward to hear from you'll and hope we can create a business relationship as a result.
  Replied by: Admin

Thank you for your interest.  A Loans Officer will contact you at the soonest.

Post by: janna Posted On : 02nd September 2018
 i would like to sign up for online banking. i would appreciate some help with it please, i can't seem to get through
  Replied by: Admin

In order to sign up for an online banking account please click here to download the Complete Online Banking application form. Please complete and return the form to any branch of Bank of Saint Lucia.  If you reside overseas kindly scan the forms along with a copy of your ID and email the completed form to Please note that before being emailed, the documents must be notarized and signed where required.  

Post by: Marius Modeste Posted On : 02nd September 2018
 want to do an online oder...seeing my card has expired, can an over ride be done?
  Replied by: Admin

Please be advised that once the card is expired you will not be able to perform any online transactions. Please note however that the cards are automatically renewed prior to the expiration date and the new cards can be collected with one valid form of picture ID>

Post by: J. V. Posted On : 31st August 2018
 How long after applying for a loan are you expected to get a response either for approval or denied? Thank you
  Replied by: Admin

The approval process varies depending on the type of loan as well as whether all the requirements have been met.

Post by: Brianna Posted On : 30th August 2018
How much would the bank charge for using my visa debit card in the UK?
  Replied by: Admin
The charge for use of the Visa Debit Card in the UK is:
  • ATM – EC$6.00
  • Store – EC$2.00
Post by: Ashlei Posted On : 29th August 2018
 Good Day, just wanted to know if depositing a cheque from another bank, how long does it take to show up on one's account?
  Replied by: Admin

Cheque deposit would take two (2) working days after deposit is made before it is reflected on the account.

Post by: Albert Celestin Posted On : 28th August 2018
 I noticed two deductions at $15.50, I didn't order anything at that price. Can i get an explanation please.
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons we are unable to provide account information via this medium. A representative will contact you at the soonest.

Post by: Rosemarie RIchard Posted On : 25th August 2018
I will like to change my password thanks
  Replied by: Admin
Requests to reset your password should be addressed to A temporary password will be sent to your email address at our soonest.
Post by: Ken Johnson Posted On : 24th August 2018
 Have cash to invest up t0 $1,000,000.00 What is the safest and best interest rate for 12 months?
  Replied by: Admin

Kindly contact our Customer Support Center at 456-6999 or 1-305-501-2931.

Post by: Angel philgence Posted On : 24th August 2018
 Can I use my bank of st.lucia visa debit in the uk
  Replied by: Admin

The Visa International Debit card allows you access to your Bank of Saint Lucia savings or chequing account from anywhere in the world.