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Post by: ALBERT HIPPOLYTE Posted On : 31st July 2018
 I have a saving account at the bank I would like to know how can I obtain a statement. I live in New York. Thanks
  Replied by: Admin

Kindly contact our Customer Support Center at 1-305-501-2931.

Post by: Catherine Felicien Posted On : 30th July 2018
 What is the bank routing number
  Replied by: Admin

BOSL’s routing number is - 000000369.

Post by: E Burch Posted On : 30th July 2018
 Good day, I need to make a wire transfer payment from the UK to one of your customers. Can you please tell me your IBAN number?
  Replied by: Admin

BOSL does not carry an IBAN.  Please click here for wire transfer information.

Post by: KIKI Posted On : 27th July 2018
I logged onto online banking in order to view my transactions and realize that there was a memo preauthorization and $83.37 was taken off from my account.
  Replied by: Admin

For further details on this transaction, kindly submit a Secure Message via the Online Banking account.

Post by: kiki Posted On : 27th July 2018
I cannot find my bank book. Is there a charge for a new one an what is it?
  Replied by: Admin

We no longer Print savings passbooks.  There is no charge for obtaining an activity statement on your account.  Kindly visit any of our branches.

Post by: Kiki Posted On : 27th July 2018
 How do i get my account number? It is urgent
  Replied by: Admin

Kindly contact our Customer Support Center at 4566999 or an Agent will contact you.

Post by: Sher001 Posted On : 23rd July 2018
 Can i change a check at bank of st lucia without an account at bank of st lucia?
  Replied by: Admin

You can cash a cheque without having an account at Bank of Saint Lucia however; you would require one form of valid picture identification. Please note that there is a fee of two dollars($2.00) for this transaction.

Post by: Dayne st helen Posted On : 16th July 2018
 Can you clarify whether there is a charge to receive money into an account? I am looking to transfer some money from the uk into my account in St Lucia but would like to clarify the cost.
  Replied by: Admin

There is a charge of EC$30.00 for incoming wires irrespective of the amount being received.

Post by: sherie james Posted On : 13th July 2018
 can i change my password to my online banking online or do i have to come in?
  Replied by: Admin

Please send a password reset request to from the email address that we have on file for you. Your email must include your full name. Once your request is received, your password will be reset and a response sent to you via email.

Post by: Margaret Murris-Anthony Posted On : 13th July 2018
 Need by debit card renewed
  Replied by: Admin

Please forward your renewal card instructions via secure e-mail message through Online Banking.  The Secure message forum is located on the Account Listing screen towards the top right hand corner, and can be used by following the instructions below:

  • Click on the Secure message link
  • Select the Tab marked New
  • Populate the fields accordingly
  • Select the submit button