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Post by: obed cuffy Posted On : 01st July 2018
 I Deposited some money into my account using the Atm machine on Saturday the 29th. When I was done I checked my account and didn't see the money on my account today is Sunday and still no sign of the money entered into my account. Would like to know why it hasn't arrived in my account
  Replied by: Admin

Cash deposits made via the ATM Monday to Thursday take 24 hours or one working day before the deposit is reflected on an account.  Deposits made Friday to Sunday will be processed on the next working day and will be reflected on your account at the end of the day.  Cheque deposits take 3 working days before the deposit is reflected on the account.  

Post by: Laura Posted On : 01st July 2018
 if someone is in Canada and there visa card expires how do they go about renewing it??
  Replied by: Admin

Please forward your renewal card request  via secure e-mail message through Online Banking.  The Secure message forum is located on the Account Listing screen towards the top right hand corner, and can be used by following the instructions below:

  • Click on the Secure message link
  • Select the Tab marked New
  • Populate the fields accordingly
  • Select the submit button

If you are not a holder of an Online Banking account you would require an instruction letter requesting renewal card along with a copy of valid identification(Notarized). The Documents may be scanned and emailed to or sent by fax to 758-456-6722. Original documents must be mailed to The Manager, Bank of Saint Lucia, #1 Bridge Street, Castries, Saint Lucia, W.I.  

Post by: Ian Francis Posted On : 29th June 2018
 I deposited money $300 in the ATM express deposit today and I'm not seeing this money coming into my account
  Replied by: Admin

Deposits done via the Express Box are processed before the end of our processing day. Due to  security reasons we are not able to provide account information via this medium. Note that a representative will contact you at the earliest.

Post by: Melisha Fontenelle Posted On : 26th June 2018
 Good day I cancelled and order before it shipped on Amazon how long will it take to receive my money back?
  Replied by: Admin

Refunds can take a minimum of (5) five business days to a maximum of (30) thirty business days from the date it was processed by the merchant.

Please continue to monitor your account via Complete Online Banking. If, the refund is not reflected on your account within the stipulated time frame kindly contact the Card Services Dept. for further assistance at 456-6141/6181 or

Post by: Clauzelle marius Posted On : 26th June 2018
 Can't access the bosl mobile banking app I am aspecting $1500 on my account can u please notify me when the funds are available
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons account information cannot be provided via this medium, one of our representative will contact you at the earliest.  In order to access your online account send a password reset request to from the email address that we have on file for you. Your email must include your full name.

Post by: Priscilla Posted On : 26th June 2018
 Can I get the swift code, transit Number and address of the bank so I can give to someone for purpose of wire transfer
  Replied by: Admin

The swift code for Bank of Saint Lucia Limited is BOSLLCLC and the routing number is 000000369.  For additional wire transfer information please click here.  

Post by: Cleopatra Anthony Posted On : 21st June 2018
 I want to buy 92 Pounds Sterling. How much would it cost me?
  Replied by: Admin

The sterling selling rate for today 21.6.18 is $3.63600.  GBP92.00 =  EC$261.92  Click here for the daily exchange rates.

Post by: Elijah Joseph Posted On : 11th June 2018
 Dear sir or madam I was going through my account online and realised that 37.40 have been deducted from my account twice I wanted the reason why,because now I think that every time deposit money into my account a memo peraurthoisation is taken from my account waiting for a response yours sincerely
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons we are unable to provide account information via this medium. A representative will contact you at the soonest.

Post by: Anna jean Posted On : 11th June 2018
 Hi just wanna know can I withdraw money from my account today cuz I had to wait for three working days to do so
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons we are unable to provide account information via this medium. Please note that a representative will contact you at the soonest.

Post by: Caroline Munn Posted On : 04th June 2018
 Hello, wondering if you offer compound interest savings accounts or mutual funds?
  Replied by: Admin

Our Investment Department will be contacting at their soonest.