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Please note that all questions and responses will be posted in the blog below.  Do not give account or personal information in this forum.  If you are an online banking customer and you have a question related to your account please use the secure message feature when you log on to complete online banking.  If you have forgotten your complete online banking password, please email a request for a new password/password reset to


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Post by: Genanna Hilliman Posted On : 14th June 2019
 I have looked out of my account. can I have a password reset please
  Replied by: Admin

Please email a request to reset your password to from the email address on our records.  You will receive a temporary password and further instructions via that email address.

Post by: Trudy Moses Posted On : 12th June 2019
 I need my to keep up with my account
  Replied by: Admin

For security reasons we are not able to provide account information via this medium.  Please call our Customer Support Centre at 456-6999 or 1 (305) 501 2931 and after a few security questions have been correctly answered, you will be provided with the information over the telephone.

Post by: Justus Nickles Posted On : 10th June 2019
Good day, I am looking at exchanging some British pounds to XCD. Can I just turn up at the bank to get it exchange at any branch, Or do I need an appointment. Kind regards
  Replied by: Admin

Please be advised that an appointment is not necessary.  Note that two forms of valid picture IDs are required for cash exchange.

Post by: MCCLEOD DETERVILLE Posted On : 25th May 2019
 I'm trying to set up and link my bank account to paypal but its asking me for a routing number. Are you able to provide the routing number of BOSL on bridge street in castries please?
  Replied by: Admin

Bank of Saint Lucia does not carry a routing number, however, we have a SWIFT Code for wire transfers which is BOSLLCLC.   

Post by: Oleksandr Posted On : 24th May 2019
 WE want to open bank account for our usa company. Do you have any restriction if the owner of the company is from Russia?
  Replied by: Admin

In order to open a company account, the company must be registered in St Lucia.

Post by: Juan Enrique Fernandez Posted On : 23rd May 2019
  regards I am interested in opening a business account to receive several assets in my account (SBLC) in order to get monetized with a financial institution in Europe, assets are 1 million dollars, 8.25 million dollars and the largest of 25 million dollars. They will be used for various sugar and mineral businesses. I am from Dominican Republic Thanks
  Replied by: Admin

Due to the nature and purpose of account desired, Bank of Saint Lucia cannot facilitate this request.

Post by: Shila joseph Posted On : 23rd May 2019
 How many online payments can I make in a day
  Replied by: Admin

You are able to make 9 point of sale transactions per day with your Bank of Saint Lucia International Debit Card.

Post by: Ms Michael Posted On : 20th May 2019
Hello I'm inquiring: 1. Purchasing shares 2. Minimum amount Etc...
  Replied by: Admin

A Fund Officer will contact you at the earliest.

Post by: Joevannie Calderon Posted On : 17th May 2019
 i would like to know how long does a check deposited to an account take for the money to get to the account
  Replied by: Admin

Cheque deposits made over the counter are credited to accounts immediately, however, if it is another banks’ cheque it takes three (3) working days to clear before one can access those funds.  If it is a Bank of Saint Lucia cheque, funds can be accessed immediately.

Post by: Lydia-Ann Harris Posted On : 17th May 2019
 I need to speak with someone about my student loan.
  Replied by: Admin

Please be advised that your Account Officer will contact you at the soonest.