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Post by: Lizer joseph Posted On : 20th October 2018
 my debit card expired .do i have to pay to.renew.and i have not used my account for a while because of being jobless .do i have to pay to activate
  Replied by: Admin

Please contact our Customer Support Centre at telephone number 456-6999/1 (305) 501 2931.  One of our Customer Support agents is standing by waiting to assist.

Post by: Janice Lionel Posted On : 17th October 2018
 I am unable to access my online banking. I have reset my password but still unable to access my accounts. I called Mega branch and was told that I would have to come in to reset it but the customer service rep was not available at the time to attend to me. Please assist
  Replied by: Admin

Requests to reset your password should be addressed to  A temporary password will be sent to your email address at our soonest.

Post by: Brandon Posted On : 12th October 2018
 How many coins per bag ie 5c, 10c, 25c, $1
  Replied by: Admin

The break down of coins for deposit is as follows:

  • $0.05 - $5.00 per bag  (100 pieces)
  • $0.10 - $10.00 per bag (100 pieces)
  • $0.25 - $25.00 per bag (100 pieces)
  • $1.00 - $100.00 per bag (100 pieces)
Post by: Donaline Posted On : 11th October 2018
 I can't log into my online banking. What seems to be the problem?@
  Replied by: Admin

Requests to reset your password should be addressed to  A temporary password will be sent to your email address.

Post by: tonya Posted On : 26th September 2018
 i have a united staes paypal and would like to tranfer money to my debit card in st.lucia and doesn't seem to be possible .. can you please assist me t please . ASAP
  Replied by: Admin

Please refer to Paypal's website for guidance on how to transfer your funds to your BOSL account.

Post by: Emma Joseph Posted On : 25th September 2018
 If I’m on a joint account with someone can I have my name taken off without the other persons consent
  Replied by: Admin

Names cannot be removed from an account. The account must be closed and both parties must authorize the closure of the account.  Once the account has been closed a new account will be opened in your name only.

Post by: christine henry Posted On : 17th September 2018
 what is the fee to transfer funds from my account to an account at scotia bank
  Replied by: Admin

The fee for this transaction is EC$25.00

Post by: Darlia Posted On : 14th September 2018
 I have signed off on a direct deposit to an account at the bank for specific dates and Ive been going through my online banking and have not seen the deduction. Who should I be contacting ?
  Replied by: Admin

Please contact the Customer Support Team at 4566999/1-305-501-2931

Post by: Tessa Jules Posted On : 12th September 2018
 Good day. I have an online banking account which is inactive, how can be reactivated.
  Replied by: Admin

In order to reactivate your account you have to be issued a new PIN.  Provided that this email address is the one on record a temporary password and further instructions will be emailed to you by the end of our work day.

Post by: Denise Posted On : 07th September 2018
if i put a down payment of $35000.00 how much can i get for my student loan exactly. Im in need of $120,000.00 for an international degree and i need every penny. don't want to put down 35,000.00 and get only $65,000.00. that would be useless. 
  Replied by: Admin

Due to security reasons account information cannot be communicated via this medium. A Loans Officer will contact you at the earliest.