LUCELEC Launches New Energy Services Company

Apr 15, 2024

In keeping with its 2035 Strategic Business Plan, the St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) has launched ENERGYZE Holding Inc (ENERGYZE), a new subsidiary charged with the mandate to pursue diversification opportunities including new energy solutions, in keeping with the rapidly changing energy sector.

LUCELEC Managing Director, Gilroy Pultie, in announcing the appointment of the ENERGYZE General Manager, David Leonce, stated, “with a rich background that spans over 30 years in the energy sector, his is a journey that began as a Powerline Technician and exemplifies a blend of technical expertise and visionary leadership. His experiences have been diverse and global, and includes key roles at LUCELEC, Hydro One, Toronto Hydro, Westario Power Inc., and Modern Technologies Solutions Inc. in Canada, as well as the President and CEO of Saba Electric Company N.V. in the Dutch Caribbean.”

Mr Leonce holds advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering Technology, Energy Engineering Technologies, Engineering and Public Policy, and Business Administration and a Master of Law (LLM) in Energy and Infrastructure.

His certification as a Project Management Professional, Powerline Technician, and Master Electrician further adds to his technical and leadership credentials.

“I have the profound privilege to lead this newly formed company as the General Manager. My role is really about developing and executing short and long-term strategies that will provide our future team a clear strategic direction in finding innovative, transformational and profitable business ideas with value propositions within the energy services market in Saint Lucia and the region,” he says.

Mr Leonce continues, “I believe Energyze has a golden opportunity in this dynamic energy sector to be a leader in the energy services space, bringing about change that will unleash sustainable energy technologies and energy efficiency solutions, at the residential, commercial and industrial customer level and in some cases leveraging innovation and technologies and other leverageable assets within LUCELEC that will drive economic development and shareholder value.”

His appointment took effect on February 1, 2024.  The launch of ENERGYZE is a significant milestone in LUCELEC’s history.

It is a symbol of the company’s long-term commitment to diversification, innovation, and sustainable growth.

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