Password Self-Reset

Did YOU know?


…About the 'Password Self-Reset' feature of Complete Online Banking (COB).


This feature brings added convenience to you and will assist in the future, in the event that you forget your password or if you experience any difficulties in logging onto your COB Account.


How do I set up ‘Password Self-Reset’?


To set up “self-reset” please use the following steps:


  • Select the OPTIONS tab once you have gained access to the Complete Online Banking service. 
  • Populate/or amend the appropriate area “PIN RESET QUESTION/ PIN RESET ANSWER” and submit your entry.


When do I use this feature?


Use this feature ONLY when a reset is required. To use:


  • Click on the Reset Password tab on the Complete Online Banking home page
  • Enter your Complete Online Banking ID, your Email Address on File & Email Subject
  • Follow the instructions provided via secure email