Secure Message Feature

Did YOU know..
about the 'Secure Message' feature on Complete Online Banking?
This feature as implied, can be used to send secure messages to our Customer Support Team.
Secure Message Feature
The secure message feature is a convenient and safe way to communicate your queries and send requests such as, but not limited to the following:
  • cheque book requisitions
  • linking and deleting accounts
  • add utility accounts
  • transferring funds
  • establishing standing orders
  • processing transfers queries
  • fault reports
  • add 2nd addresses to Debit Card, etc. 
The feature is located on the Account Listing screen towards the top right hand corner (in line with the exit button), and can be used by following the instructions below:
  • Click on the Secure message link
  • Select the Tab marked New
  • Populate the fields accordingly
  • Select the submit button
Once your request has been received and executed you will receive a secure notification on your next Complete Online Banking login.