How to Apply

1.  Companies are asked to download the ECACH Enrollment Form & EFT Agreement

2.  Print and complete the above-mentioned forms, which must be signed by the appropriate account signatories and official stamp of your respective company.

3.  The User Guide provides step by step instruction on the use of the platform.

Applicable Guides by User Role




Import Only

Site AccessReportsTransaction Preparation

Verify Only

Site AccessReports; Transaction Verification

Authorize Only

Site Access; Reports; Transaction Authorization

Full Access

Site Access; Reports; Transaction Preparation; Transaction Verification 

Import & Verify Mix

Site Access; Reports; Transaction Preparation; Transaction Verification


4.  Your assigned Account Officer is available to help you complete your forms.


Important things to note:


Applying companies must have a bank account with Bank of Saint Lucia.

Please allow up to five (5) business days for enrollment.


The revised fees associated with the EFT service are as follows:


Salary Bands

(# of Employees)

Charge Per Transaction

File Charge

Monthly Charge

Below 200




200 - 499




500 - 999




1000 - 1999




Above 2000





Further Information


Glossary of Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

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