Industry & Manufacturing

Bank of Saint Lucia provides financing for the following sectors in Industrial Enterprise:


  1. Manufacturing, processing, assembling, installing, overhauling,  reconditioning, altering, repairing, cleaning, packaging, canning, transporting or warehousing of goods;
  2. Drilling, construction, engineering, technical survey and scientific research;
  3. Generation, supply and distribution of electricity, power and energy from any source whatsoever;
  4. Operating a mine or quarry;
  5. Operating a commercial transport service;
  6. Supplying premises, machinery or equipment for any activity or matter described in (a), (b), (c) or (d) above;




The bank provides financing to purchase equipment and establish service facilities in the following areas:


  • Social Services
  • Transportation
  • Information and Computer Technology (ICT)
  • Medical                 
  • Dental and Professional services including Accounting, Surveying and Architecture to name a few.