Home Suite Home Mortgage Bundle

Every Step of the way... all the way to HOME SUITE HOME!


Owning your home is that much easier with Home Suite Home by Bank of Saint Lucia. Life is that much sweeter when all your financial needs are taken care of and wrapped into one ‘suite’ package.


With Home Suite Home you can obtain your mortgage and chose from a variety of products and services.
Let us show you how!


Home Suite Home

Lock in your Mortgage
  1. Book an appointment & start that process
Secure your four (4) compulsory add ons:
  1. Savings Account
  2. WISE Retirement Account
  3. Pre-approved BOSL VISA Credit Card
  4. Cash Collateral Account
Select any one or more of the following:
  1. Consumer Loan
  2. SCS-24/PCA or Current Account
  3. EC Global/GK Insurance Offer
  4. Edu Start
And you are on your way. Life is sweet with Bank of Saint Lucia!
And to make it even sweeter: 
  • Benefit from major discounts from our participating partners
  • Instantly qualify for 100% financing