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Need It? Get It!
  • 100% Financing on New Vehicles for Qualifying Customers
  • Loan Term
    • Up to 6 yrs (1300cc Engines)
    • 6 – 8 years (1300cc – 1800cc Engines)
    • 8 – 10 years (1800cc Engines and Over)
  • 100% Financing on Vehicles (2010 or later) for Qualifying Customers
  • Loan Term of up to 6 years depending on:
    • Age of the Vehicle
    • Engine Capacity



  • 100% Financing on Land for Residential Use for Qualifying Customers
  • Loan Term 120 – 180 months 
  1. Customers must be:
    • Salaried with stable employment for the last two years.
    • Between the ages of 25 to 60 
  2. Term of loan should not exceed the retirement age of 65
  3. Customers DSR must not exceed 45%
  4. Customers must not have a record of past delinquency 
Land Loan Specific:
  1. Land must be for residential use only 
  1. For used vehicles 100% financing applies only to 2010 models or later 
  2. Customers must have comprehensive insurance with a reputable insurance company  
BOSL Chip Credit Card

Introducing the BOSL Chip Credit Card!


  • The global standard for purchasing
  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced security and fraud mitigation
  • Makes travel easier and more convenient
  • Improved access to international card transactions
Upgrade to an International Debit Card today!

Bank of Saint Lucia would like to take the opportunity to thank our valued customers who have upgraded their existing Le Card ATM Cards to the VISA International Debit Card (IDC).


If you have not upgraded to the new BOSL IDC, please note that Le Card ATM Cards will no longer be accepted at BOSL ATMs and Cash Dispensers.


You are invited at your earliest convenience to contact or visit your BOSL branch to facilitate this mandatory upgrade.


Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Centre at (758) 456 – 6999/(305) 501 2931 or via email at info@bankofsaintlucia.comor ask a BOSL representative at your branch. 


Click here for more details on the Visa International Debit Card.

The BOSL App is now available!

The BOSL App is now available!

Download from Google Play or itunes.

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