My Rewards

My Rewards


It’s quite an experience to redeem your points with My Rewards!


Your points and your card: the perfect combination
Your points and your card: 
the perfect combination!
Shop with your points or in combination with your card. This way, you’ll always have millions of possibilities within your reach.
More channels, better communication
More channels, better
[My Rewards] provides you with an omnichannel platform (web, app) where you can redeem your points, review your transactions and find answers to your questions, always.
Redeem your point anytime, anywhere
Redeem your points anytime, anywhere!
Whether at home, at work or on a trip, you can access your points anytime with [My Rewards] —and redeeming is easy, fast and secure.
24/7 Assistance
24/7 Assistance!
Questions pop up at any time. Contact us and we’ll immediately answer your questions.

The world, your playground


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frequently asked questions.

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11. Is there a minimum number of redeemable points?

12. Can I redeem my points for cash?

13. Can I use my points to make payments to my card?

14. Do I get points for my present balance?

15. What are the benefits of My Rewards?

17. Can be points be reversed?

18. Are points transferable to other cardholders?

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