Account Opening Requirements - Registered Businesses

Thank you for your interest in Bank of Saint Lucia!  Here are the account opening requirements for Registered Businesses.  In keeping with these requirements, the following information and documentation must be provided prior to opening the account.

  • Certificate of Registration (The firm must be registered before the process begins)
  • Statement of Particulars 
  • Two forms of ID for each signatory 
  • A reference letter from your current bankers 
  • Proof of Business Address
  • Projected Cash Flow statement or Audited Financials 
  • Introductory Letter- This is a brief description of the company and a list of the signatories for the business
  • The initial deposit of $300.00  
The ultimate responsibility lies with the applicant to ensure that all documents are submitted completed and correct as instructed. Completeness and correctness of documentation will expedite the account opening process.

Completed documents can be scanned and e-mailed to or faxed to 758 456 6722.