Account Opening Requirements - Savings Accounts

Thank you for your interest in Bank of Saint Lucia!  Here are the account opening requirements for Savings Accounts.  For all other accounts please email a request to open account to

Our basic Account Opening Requirements are as follows:
  • 2 forms of national ID
  • Utility bill (to confirm residential and postal address) if bill is not in the individual’s name, a confirmation letter from the bill account holder
  • Job letter (new applicants)
Account Opening Requirements for persons residing overseas are as follows:
  • Certified copies of 2 forms of valid government issued ID (passport, driver's license or national/state ID)
  • Official Proof of residential address (utility bill, bank statement, national ID with address)
  • Original reference letter from banker, lawyer or accountant 
  • Proof of employment (job letter, pay slip)
Please note that documents requiring your signature must be notarized, by a Notary Royal, Solicitor or by your Bankers. When returning the bank forms, you must enclose a cheque or money order in order to facilitate the opening of this new account. The Application Form must be completed and may be obtained by emailing