Premium Fixed Income Account



Our Premium Fixed Income Accounts (PFIAs) offer you safe and flexible investment alternatives.  No matter what happens in other markets, your investment will be returned to you along with the interest income it has earned.


All investors can benefit from the safety provided by PFIAs, whether you are new to investing or a long term savvy investor with a substantial portfolio.  Our Wealth & Asset Management service offers you more flexibility than ever with high rates of return through a wide range of innovative and competitive PFIAs.


Why choose Premium Fixed Income Accounts?


  • Safety:  Earn higher returns while protecting your original investment.
  • Varying Tenors:  Investment terms ranging from thirty (30) days to over one (1) year.
  • Liquidity:  Fully and partially cashable PIAs to provide you access to your money when you want it.
  • Currency Options:  US and EC dollar term investments.
  • Flexible Rates:  The rates offered can be fixed or variable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)