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The notice herein is being provided on behalf of East Caribbean Financial Holding Co. Ltd, Bank of Saint Lucia Limited and EC Global Insurance Agency Limited. It covers all personally identifiable information about an individual’s current or former client relationships with these companies.

This privacy notice is being provided to clients who purchase products and services from us for business, personal, family or household purposes. This notice tells you how we collect, handle and disclose personal information about you. The term “personal information” as used in this notice means information that identifies you personally. We may also use information which does not personally identify you to help us manage our business.

In keeping with our commitment, our Client Privacy policy is published on our website and is available to customers on demand. When significant changes are made, they will be highlighted on the Website.

We encourage you to read and retain this notice, and to call the Risk Management Department of the East Caribbean Financial Holding Co. Ltd if you have any questions about this notice.


For questions regarding privacy issues, please send us an email at riskmanagement@ecfh.com or call your customer service representative or the Risk Management Department.