BOSL VISA Classic Credit Card

Experience BOSL VISA Classic

  • Low annual fee
  • Lowest late fees
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Denominated in US Dollars
  • Same day credit and access to available funds
  • Same day card limit increases


  • Access to MY Rewards!
  • Security
  • Cash advances available from thousands of financial institutions worldwide
  • Emergency replacement card within 24hrs
  • 24 hr VISA Global Service assistance
  • Record keeping is simple with monthly statements
  • VISA will insure you, your spouse and your child/children under the age of 23 up to US$75,000 against accidental and bodily injuries while boarding, riding in, or exiting from the scheduled carrier licensed to carry passengers
  • You can use your credit card to make phone calls using public phones or hotel rooms phones (the latter allows you to avoid costly hotel surcharges)

* To be eligible for coverage the ticket must be paid for with your VISA Gold or MasterCard Gold Credit Card

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