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Fixed Income Accounts
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There comes a time when you know you have enough saved capital and should be doing more than simply saving...

Put your savings to work at Bank of Saint Lucia

Our Fixed Income Accounts are structured, short to medium term, renewable deposit plans with progressive returns.  With progressively increasing returns as time and your deposits increase, our Fixed Income Account options maximise your savings earning potential, while you maximise your earning potential.

Fixed Income Accounts provide the best option for avoiding interest rate fluctuations and getting guaranteed returns on your money.

With no bank charges or administrative fees, your money works harder for you.  Fixed Income Accounts are a secure financial investment

Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed fixed rate of interest for the term of the deposit
  • No opening fees
  • Minimum opening balance - EC$5,000 with a maximum deposit of EC$499,999. For deposits of $500,000 and over please refer to Premium Fixed Income Accounts.
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Minimum term - 1 year