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Introducing our Credit Card Transaction Alert Service

  1. Go to , then go to Card Services and click on Credit Card Login
  2. Logon with Login ID and password
  3. Click on Preferences at the top of the page
  4. Check the instant alert box
  5. Once the instant alert box is selected, a list of the cards associated with the account will be displayed
  6. Select the option for email alerts and/or SMS alerts

Enter your Email Address where we can contact you to send you alerts, bulletins, news and offers.  This is optional.

Enter your SMS Number (including area code) where we can send you Instant Alerts.  This is optional.  (Note: this is only used for Instant Alerts) Example: 1-264-555-1212.

Check here to receive Instant Alerts on card activity.

If you do not already have an online credit card account please email