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Mortgage Loan Checklist:

  • Picture I.D. (2 forms for first time customers)
  • Down payment/equity - amount varies generally between 10 - 30%
  • Letter from Employer stating length of service
  • Salary Slip (latest)
  • Copy of vendors Deed of Sale
  • Copy of land Register (recent)
  • Copy of Survey Plan
  • Sale Agreement
  • Approved plan from DCA
  • Contractors estimated cost of construction
  • Valuation from certified valuator/Quantity Surveyor (of property &/or estimates)
  • Provide written certification from the following entities proving compliance with their requirements:
    • Inland Revenue Department
    • Property Tax Department
    • National Insurance Corporation

Letters from the departments/institution should state in detail the amounts outstanding & what arrangements have been made to settle.

  • Life Insurance (ask about our in-house term life insurance)
  • Funds for legal fees, other costs and bank charges
  • Insurance quotation
  • Power of attorney, if necessary

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