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Home Start Account
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Bank of Saint Lucia provides the building blocks to owning your own home.  The account is structured to allow you the flexibility to manage your loans and other commitments while saving for a home. The Home Start Account is a registered account and as such allows for an annual tax return of up to EC$6,000.


  • Must be 18 - 50 years
  • Must deposit a minimum of $100 every month therefore maintaining an annual savings of $1,200
  • Choose a maturity period:
  • Plan A:  Minimum one (1) year, with no tax credit benefit
  • Plan B:  Minimum five (5) years, tax credit of up to $6,000 per annum


  • Earn 0.75% more interest than the regular savings rate
  • Minimum opening balance of $100
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • Allows you to save towards the deposit for a mortgage
  • No commission on standing orders within BOSL to accounts in the name of the account holder 
  • Subsidized legas fees for the purchase of land or mortgage

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