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More Value with a BOSL Visa Credit Card

Take control of your financial future with a Bank of Saint Lucia Visa Credit Card! Get the secure, convenient and most important of all, trusted Visa credit card you deserve. Take advantage of rewards and exclusive offers while enjoying a bit of extra financial security- your dream credit card is only moments away! Apply now and get ready to enjoy all the benefits that come with it! 

Credit Card Features


  • Quick approval
  • Lowest interest rate
  • 0% interest for 30 days
  • Points to shop on My Rewards App
  • Worldwide Visa Acceptance
  • No point of sale fees
  • Lowest late fees

Credit Card Benefits


  • Cardholder Life Insurance (optional) – The credit card balance of a cardholder with Life insurance will be cleared upon the death of the cardholder.
  • Emergency replacement card within 24 hours
  • Direct access to credit card account via or Caribbean Cards Mobile (app store)
  • 0% interest for 30 days
  • Credit Card payments can be made at any 4Cs Member Bank in the Caribbean.
  • No Point of Sale Fees
  • Immediate Credit Card Payments
  • After hour Online Support for card queries.