Point of Sale

Bank of Saint Lucia offers vendors point-of-sale machines which accept Bank of Saint Lucia debit cards as well as all other major credit cards. Customers have the ease and safety of paying for goods and services at retail outlets island wide with their Bank of Saint Lucia Le Card, Visa International Debit Card, and Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Merchants have the security of receiving instant access to cash instead of the uncertainty of cheques.

Bank of Saint Lucia has over 250 merchant terminals island wide. Transactions made at any Bank of Saint Lucia merchant terminal are free of charge to Bank of Saint Lucia customers.

Swipe on the go - Wireless Point-of-Sale Service

The ideal wireless point-of-sale solution for your business needs.  Accept card payments wherever you are, whenever you need!

Swipe on the go wireless card processing increases sales, saves time and reduces operating expenses!

Who can use it:

  • Event promoters
  • Restaurants
  • Taxi/Tour operators
  • Public venue vendors
  • Delivery Service
  • Van sales
  • Anyone with the need to accept payments on the go!


  • More convenient and secure - reduce the amount of cash you and your staff handle
  • Expand your payment options - improve customer satisfaction
  • Accept cards where it previously was impossible - deliveries, trade shows, sales calls, anywhere you go!
  • Reduce risk - electronic swiping reduces risk of skimming, fraudulent/stolen cards, and identity theft


  • Instant receipt of acceptance or non acceptance of card
  • No fixed line needed
  • Small, lightweight and portable units
  • Easy to operate

Call or visit us today to find out more about this liberating convenience service from Bank of Saint Lucia!