Trust & Custody Services

Core and Value Added Services...

BOSL Investment Banking Services will blend traditional global custody services, with domestic direct custody access to financial and capital markets.  To meet your comprehensive custodial needs, we offer a combination of core and value added services, which include:

Asset Custody and Capital Settlement

We ensure that your trades are settled timely and efficiently.

Asset Servicing Income

We provide you with the information necessary to help you to manage your assets, in order to achieve an optimal return.  Our services include Corporate Action processing and Income processing.

Pricing, Portfolio accounting and Reporting

Our pricing and reporting services ensure that you receive up-to-date information on the value of your Securities, to assist in your decision making process.

We also provide an integrated delivery of related services including proxy services, performance measurement and compliance monitoring.

Marketing Information Publications

We understand the need to provide you with market information to help guide your investment decisions.  With direct access to our Capital Market Services Unit, we provide you with monthly market reviews and periodic research reports on listed companies.

Direct Electronic Interface

BOSL Investment Banking Services has direct interface with the Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Depository (ECCSD) through its Capital Market Services Unit.  This allows for the effective and efficient transfer and settlement of your listed securities.

With our market networks, service offerings and infrastructure, BOSL Investment Banking Services will provide you with a flexible, cost-effective and efficient solution to administer your securities.