Foreign Exchange

Almost every business today is in some way involved with foreign exchange. With the advent of the internet, even ‘small businesses’ engage in international transactions.

The global marketplace offers opportunities for tremendous growth and profit. Your ability to participate effectively can be a major factor in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge. Because international trade is so important to the future of businesses, it is useful to have a financial institution with the experience and capabilities to help you meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Bank of Saint Lucia can handle your international banking needs with speed, security, reliability and accuracy. We develop a close working relationship with our clients by offering our expertise and technical assistance at every step of the way.

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If you're traveling on business or for pleasure, Bank of Saint Lucia offers the buying and selling of foreign currency at daily market rates. If you're buying or selling internationally, payment in another country's currency is usually preferred/required.

In today's rapidly changing world, the rates of exchange are constantly fluctuating. These movements can turn a profitable transaction into a loss if it is not watched carefully. Working with Bank of Saint Lucia's foreign exchange experts can help you minimize currency risk.

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