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Welcome to ECACH EFT: The Easier Way to Make & Receive Payments!


The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) jointly with the commercial banks within the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) established the Eastern Caribbean Automated Clearing House (ECACH). The objective was to transform traditional paper based payment systems into an electronic payment system, in two phases. Phase 1 dealt with cheque imaging and was launched in March 2015.

Phase 2 is the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – a secure and private electronic payment system, which allows for the transfer of funds between all commercial banks in the participating territories. Good news for businesses!

What is included?

Electronic Payments include single and multiple deposits such as Salaries, Supplier Payments, Dividend Payments, Pension Payments, Insurance Settlements and Cash Management. Debit authorizations including utility payments and insurance payments. Loan and credit payments are not accepted at this time.


The new system allows for easier management of payments and cashflow, and as a valued corporate customer, you can expect to benefit from:  

  • Enhanced security, convenience and quicker access to funds  
  • Improved efficiency and reduced processing time - elimination of labor-intensive manual processes
  • Reduced risk of loss and theft 
  • Increased employee satisfaction

What has changed?

Salary and payroll submissions, which were emailed or hand delivered previously, will now be required in CSV format with additional information as follows:

Required Information Additional Information Required (New)
Employee Name
Employee Account Number
Employee Account Type (DDA/SAV)
Bank Routing/Transit Number #000000369
Reference #
Effective Date
Previously Accepted Format(s): New Format:
Excel Spreadsheet
Printed Employee Listing
CSV format
Previous Requirements: New Requirements:
Lead time: minumum 2 business days
Effective date: Optional
File submission: FTP/email/cheque with listing
Process typs: Manual
Enrollment: Automatic with no documents
Lead time: minimum 1 business day
Effective date: Mandatory
File submission: Browser only
Process type: Electronic
Enrollment: Required with documents

What is the enrollment process?

Further Information

Glossary of Terms
How To Apply
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is ECACH?

The Eastern Caribbean Automated Clearing House (ECACH) is an electronic network through ECCB for clearing and settlement of cheques and other electronic transactions within the eight territories of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU). Only commercial banks within the ECCU are participating.

What is EFT?

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) refers to transactions that take place over the ECACH electronic payment network, either among customer accounts at the same bank or among customer accounts between participating banks locally & regionally.

Why is EFT being launched?

The ECACH is launching EFT in an effort to provide the customers of banks within the ECCU a faster, cost-effective and secure payment solution.

What are the benefits of EFT?

The EFT process is secure, fast, convenient and cost-effective. It provides customers with the ability to transfer and settle funds between participating banks within the same day, subject to the agreed exchange timelines between the participating banks

What type of transactions can be processed through EFT?

The transactions can be funds transferred to accounts such as payroll, settlement of invoices, tax refunds, pension, dividends, etc.

How does EFT work?

A company (Originator) will send a list of transactions/payments to be made on the accounts of its employees, clients, or suppliers, to its Financial Institution (Originator’s Bank) using the ACH software. The Originator’s Bank will send these transactions in a specific format to ECCB (ECACH Operator) for transmission to the Receiver’s/Beneficiary’s Bank (the employees, clients, or suppliers) where their accounts are held. The Receivers’ banks will in turn process these transactions. 

What action is required and by whom?

All businesses and individuals that are doing payroll transactions via an FI and/or individuals that transfer money or pay bills within the Eastern Caribbean are impacted by the introduction of EFT. Through the new features of ACH business customers will now have the opportunity to bring all transactions to one Financial Institution within the Eastern Caribbean.  With EFT there is no longer a need to split payroll and the way that people receive their money is changing. This can now be processed by one single FI.

What information will be required from employees, clients or suppliers?

  • Name
  • Account number(s)
  • Account type(s)
  • Bank routing/transit number(s)
  • Reference #

How long does the application process take?

Up to five (5) business days for enrolment, subject to the completion of forms and approval.

Will the manual salary/payroll sheets still be accepted?

Yes. However, this manual process will be phased-out (A deadline date will be established by ECCB/ECACH).  ECACH EFT will be the standard for processing salaries/payroll, and all customers wishing to benefit from this service will be required to enroll.

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