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The path to your future may not always be clear, but with BOSL Investment Banking, you have a partner that can help determine your way forward. Providing tailored financial advice to pursue your goals and secure your future.

Our team spares no effort in ensuring that we understand your financial objectives, risk tolerance levels and cash flow timing needs before we offer or recommend the appropriate bespoke financial solutions. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. Notwithstanding our diverse client base and divergent needs, our team remains focused on meeting the financial needs of each individual client.

Our success is defined by your success.

Our priority is managing your life plan with the highest care.

Regardless of your financial goals, we will find a way.

Plan. Invest. Enjoy.


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What is the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE)?

The Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE) is a regional securities market, established by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and licensed under the Securities Act (2001).  The ECSE is designed to facilitate the buying and selling of Securities for the eight (8) ECCB member territories of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.  The ECSE is headquartered in St Kitts.

Where and how do I purchase or sell a Security on the ECSE?

Investors can only purchase Securities through a Broker-Dealer firm registered with the ECSE.  BOSL Investment Banking Services is a registered Broker-Dealer, and investors seeking to buy or sell securities can make an appointment with our Registered Principal.  Investors purchasing or selling Securities for the first time with BOSL Investment Banking Services must open a new brokerage account.

What is a Security?

A Security is a negotiable instrument representing financial value.  Securities are broadly categorized into debt securities, that include Bonds, Debentures and Treasury Bills; and Equity Securities.  Examples of Securities that are traded in the regional capital and financial markets include Stocks, Corporate and Government Bonds and Treasury Bills.

What happens when I purchase Securities listed on the ECSE?

Securities of all companies listed on the ECSE are held in dematerialized form.  This means that as an investor you will not receive a physical certificate to confirm your proof of ownership for securities purchased.  Once you purchase a Security, it will be held in dematerialized (electronic form) at the Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Registry Limited (ECCSR), which is a fully-owned subsidiary of the ECSE.  As an investor you will receive a statement of all the Securities you own on a semi-annual basis.  Investors can also request BOSL Investment Banking Services to hold the Securities on their behalf.

What is a Securities Market?

A Securities Market is where investors who are willing to buy and sell their Securities.  Investors include individuals, institutions, pension funds, trust funds and other entities.  The buying investors are willing to invest by purchasing securities from the sellers which include corporations, governments and other investors.

Can I open a joint account?

Yes, investors can open joint accounts.

There are two (2) types of accounts: With a Joint Tenant account, all the signatories on the account are required to collectively give permission for any action on the account.  Upon the death of any one (1) joint owner, the surviving joint tenants get the whole account automatically, regardless of any will made.

With Tenants in Common account, upon death of a co-tenant, his or her shares pass to his/her beneficiaries through the Will or Rules pertaining to intestacy.

Can I use my Securities as collateral for a loan?

Investors can use their Securities as collateral for loans.  A Charging Form must be completed by all the parties involved.

Can I transfer my Securities as gifts?

Shareholders or joint shareholders can donate all or a portion of their Securities to a family member or to a registered Charity.  To donate securities, complete the Donation Transfer Form and submit the completed form notarized or signed and stamped by a licensed broker to the ECCSR together with evidence of the family relationship or the registered Charity.  A fee of EC$20.00 is applicable for this request.

How can I obtain a statement of my Securities?

You can request a copy of your Securities statement by simply completing an Application for ECCSR Statement and submitting it to your Registered Representative at the Broker-Dealer Firm.  An application fee of EC$20.00 is required.

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