Premium Fixed Income Account


Our Premium Fixed Income Accounts (PFIAs) offer you safe and flexible investment alternatives.  No matter what happens in other markets, your investment will be returned to you along with the interest income it has earned.

All investors can benefit from the safety provided by PFIAs, whether you are new to investing or a long term savvy investor with a substantial portfolio.  Our Wealth & Asset Management service offers you more flexibility than ever with high rates of return through a wide range of innovative and competitive PFIAs.

Why choose Premium Fixed Income Accounts?

  • Tenor:  PFIAs are only offered for one year.
  • Liquidity:  Penalties are applied for premature closure.
  • Currency Options:  US and EC dollar term investments.
  • Rates:  The rates offered are fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a minimum amount that I can deposit on such an account?

The minimum investment is EC$500,000 or US$200,000.

Do I receive statements after opening the account?

Yes. You receive annual statements from Bank of Saint Lucia which show all the details of the PFIA.

What is the Premium Fixed Income Account (PFIA)?

A Premium Fixed Income Account is a fixed income,term deposit account available at Bank of Saint Lucia Limited.

What is the investment objective of the PFIA?

To provide investors with returns above the ordinary savings rate through the generation of a predictable flow of income.

How long can I maintain a deposit in a PFIA?

Your deposit in a PFIA can be for a minimum of thirty (30) days or as long as over one (1) year.

Are there any risks associated with this deposit?

All investments carry some degree of risk. Notwithstanding,PFIA investments carry the full weight and backing of Bank of Saint Lucia Limited.

Can I withdraw from the account before maturity?

Withdrawals prior to maturity are not allowed. To facilitate drawdowns the account would have to be closed and subject to penalty.

Can I use this account as collateral for loans?

Yes. The PFIA can be used as collateral for your loans.

Who can invest in a PFIA?

Both individuals and institutions can utilize the PFIA.

Will this deposit be accepted as a prescribed security by the Registrar of Insurance?

Yes. Insurance companies utilizing the PFIA can pledge the account with the Registrar for their statutory requirements.

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