Bank of Saint Lucia partners with St Jude Hospital in Beautification Project

May 23, 2024

Bank of Saint Lucia has entered into yet another heartwarming and transformative partnership; this time with St Jude Hospital in the South of the island. The Bank, whose branches span from Gros Islet in the north through Soufriere, Choiseul and Vieux Fort in the south, saw the opportunity to impact a community where it operates and immediately embraced the project. 

Under this year-long commitment, Bank of Saint Lucia will cover all associated costs with the upkeep and beautification of the grounds at St. Jude Hospital. This includes monthly landscaping, gardening and maintenance to ensure that the area is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to patients, staff and the general public. 

Commenting proudly on the partnership, Mr. Lyndon Arnold, Deputy Managing Director responsible for Operations at Bank of Saint Lucia said “We are extremely pleased to support St. Jude Hospital in such a meaningful way. We saw the opportunity and thought that this would be a unique way to enhance the lives of patients, staff and families at the medical facility. Well-kept grounds will certainly contribute to the healing process and provide a sense of pride to everyone who enters St. Jude.” 

Mr. Axel Philip, Plant and Facilities Manager at St. Jude Hospital expressed his thanks to Bank of Saint Lucia and echoed the sentiment that a beautiful physical environment contributes to wellbeing: “This initiative is heartfelt as we really needed the assistance to manage the upkeep of the grounds. The ambiance is important and we look forward to welcoming more patients, staff and fellow Saint Lucians.” 
This partnership between Bank of Saint Lucia and St. Jude Hospital highlights the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and the positive impact such projects can have within communities. 

As the Bank with the largest customer-base in the South of the island, it’s customers stand to benefit greatly from the upkeep of the St Jude grounds. Gina O’Brien, who manages the BOSL Vieux-Fort Branch is happy to be serving her customers’ needs beyond banking; “I feel elated that Bank of Saint Lucia has taken on this project as we take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We believe that with the beautification of the area, it will become more comfortable for all.”

The landscaping works will include the creation of hedges, a well-manicured and maintained lawn and the planting of palm trees. The man charged with the responsibility to transform the grounds into a space of beauty is McMillan Monrose a landscaper from the Vieux-Fort community. His commitment to this project is more than a job but spoke about his deep emotional connection to St Jude: “ This project is special to me as I have a connection with St. Jude. I worked right here at the lab when I left school – it was my first job. I have been hospitalized at St Jude as well so I would love to see the area look like an area that makes everyone feel good.”

The Bank remains dedicated to fostering initiatives like these that promote positivity, wellbeing and community support across the island.

Analicia Edmunds