Grenada to End Gender-Based Wage Disparity and Enforce Livable Minimum Wage

Sep 25, 2023

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada – The government of Grenada says that effective January 01st it will commence a method of compensation to workers both in the private and public sectors that will see the end of disparity in salary based on gender and at the same time enforce a minimum livable wage.

“As most of us will know we have a disparity between male and female workers in certain sectors particularly the agriculture sector and the recommendation is that it should be a thing of the past as we move towards greater equality among our workers,” said Labour Minister Claudette Joseph as he spoke with reporters earlier this week.

In June 2022, the National Democratic Congress was elected to administer the affairs of the country and within three months of being a Committee was established in accordance with section 51 of the 1999 Employment Act to review minimum wages in both the public and private sectors.

The law mandates that there should be a review of work that falls in the minimum wage schedule by the Wages Advisory Committee at least once every three years with a view to updating the minimum rate of wages. The law which covers 14 categories of workers was last reviewed in 2011.

Joseph said that the findings and recommendations have been presented to the cabinet of Ministers and it was agreed among them that there should be a second and final round of consultations before the enforcement of the recommendations.

Among the recommendations from the Committee which is chaired by Dr Curland Gilchrist is an increase in wages for all categories.

“With the agreement of Cabinet, the Committee has embarked on a second round of consultation having made its recommendations to cabinet with the intent that these recommendations will come into effect on January 1 . Some of the highlights coming out of the final report are deviations from the current minimum wage structure and includes a recommendation to equalize the minimum wage across gender,” Joseph said. 

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